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Re: Pee wee minor stud!


Re: Pee wee minor stud!

If he makes the EHF Elite move him. If he doesn't stay where you are he's a stud house league player which will equal JV H.S. hockey and maybe a ride on the pine senior year if the coach thinks he is a really nice boy!!!!
I love these posts that insinuate Varsity rosters are only made up of EHF Elite kids. My favorite time of hockey season is the week or so post Thanksgiving when the frosh & soph dads are standing at the glass during tryouts in their EHF jackets bragging to other parents about MHR rankings and tournament wins. Then the roster list comes out and some rainbow/phl kid makes varsity ahead of their stud.

To the OP the only thing correct is the game is much faster and much more physical than anything you'll see at VHL. Move your kid so he has a few years to develop, ramp up off season so he's working out with players bigger, faster, and stronger and just enjoy the ride.

Re: Pee wee minor stud!

Keep at it.. my kid is older and playing similar brand. Got lots of opportunities for high end hockey next year.

Rage against the machine

Re: Pee wee minor stud!

He gets more ice and more puck time and is allowed to be creative. His buddy plays ehf and has one role on the team. If he strays he gets benched a shift. My kid plays every position and can be creative.

Re: Pee wee minor stud!

let me take a stab at this, no defense against him? How is that good for development?

Re: Pee wee minor stud!

He's the best of the worst.
Which means he sucks but not when surrounded by garbage.