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Re: 1 Ref for U16 game

No ref showed up for my daughters game

Re: 1 Ref for U16 game

Is this allowed, and if so how?
Technically speaking, both coaches have to agree to play the game with one ref so you could tell your coaches not to allow it. Keep in mind that the ref won't care because heshe still gets paid, rink won't care because they still get paid, you will have wasted your time driving to the rink and the game will never be rescheduled.

The shortage is so bad this season that assignors who have historically done a great job of keeping new officials to lower level games are placing 15 year old, first year ref's at U14 E9/EHF Elite games just to get coverage.

So pick your poison..

Re: 1 Ref for U16 game

Complain away about Ref's not showing up to your bender's game?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the wacked out behavior of parents and Daddy coaches berating and screaming at refs from Mite level to Bantams every game.

You clowns get what you deserve and next time you or one of your parents are screaming about a tripping call remember why there is a ref shortage.