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Youth Hockey
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Re: Hey pscyho mom

Need to be a little more specific, this could be almost any team.

Re: Hey pscyho mom

I am guessing this is a RI team? :joy:

Re: Hey pscyho mom

Yale 08 who are already broken

Re: Hey pscyho mom

You won't be happy until coach makes your little superstar captain, center, out for all 45 minutes, and scores 9 goals. Even then you will be ****ed cuz little Joey didn't get 10.

Just go snort some more blow in the parking lot and worry about how much longer you will fit into those yoga pants and leave the rest of us alone. So tired of listening to you screech all game long.

We didn't want you here this year and are just waiting for you to find your new team for next year already. We were all so much happier without you and will be once again when you leave. Only 5 months to go.
Any woman who wears yoga pants is an angel please acknowledge me