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Re: Well it took 9 weeks

Spring hockey rules
Just speaking for my so he did he play a lot in spring and summer and he is still improving and getting better every week. I think you should be more specific about the age group you are referring to. The other thing is suck a fat one to all the loser dads on this board who have been saying the best kids won’t be the best kids by the time they get older.
Those parents are correct sir.

Re: Well it took 9 weeks

9 weeks in and the players who went hard all spring and summer at camps, clinics and tournaments have completely leveled out with the ones who spent time playing outside and going to the beach! We all know just how serious you take hockey by the amount of time you spend posting all those off season pictures of your kid at the rink. We all just wished you posted about how mediocre your kid looks in regular season games.
the only way you would know this is if you spent your summer watching kids on the beach and looking at pictures of kids in rinks. thats a little disturbing.
What are you talking about?