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Re: Knights and Rangers

You guys are so brutal.
So a parent from another team cannot watch another game while their kids is preparing for their game?
Good luck, say what you want. I am still not a Lovell Parent. Keep guessing, you are caught on tape.
Live Barn has blocked it, you were that bad!

Now hearing what that guy did, he is a real Super Hero. Is Ms. Gucci his sidekick?

No, damage control here. We were in New Hampshire.

Re: Knights and Rangers

The dad’s must be Danvers alumni.

Re: Knights and Rangers

Those Dads fighting are Tewksbury dads NOT Ranger dads. They are playing on the Rangers this year. They one guy is the main man for Tewksbury Youth Hockey(Red Hat) and the black jacket and black hat Tewksbury and VJW product. Just sayin

Re: Knights and Rangers

Wait.. So the guy in the black jacket hit the player? Assault on a minor, not good! The Rangers look like they jumped the boards right away and started the fight. Parents should have just sta*** to themselves! Not surprising with that Rangers team.

Re: Knights and Rangers

It is not a "Ranger team" it is the Tewksbury Highschool Team. They are just under that name for this year.

Re: Knights and Rangers's a Boston Jr Rangers team then.

Doesn't matter what high school they play for. :laughing: