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Re: Referee pay scale

Mites start at $30. Midgets around $45 for town leagues. double pay if you’re the only one on a full sheet. I’d go get it regardless. Can only help you understand the game better.

Re: Referee pay scale

Just thinking of getting my referee certification and making a little cash…What is the pay for mites up to midgets.
Depends on league and level, VHL pays the least but games are shorter & they pay the fastest compared to other assignors. $30 - $50 for VHL, club pays more, roughly $10 - $15 more per game but you can wait a long time to get paid depending on the who the home team is. As was noted, if you end up solo, you get double pay.

In theory, as a first year ref you should be scheduled for Mites-Pee Wee but with the current shortage, those guidelines are out the window.

Re: Referee pay scale

Squirts 50/55
Pw 60/65
Bants 60/65
Midgets depending on ice cuts 70/85

Got find the right Assignors...

Re: Referee pay scale

yeah you also have to be willing to wait a month to get paid ....