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Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

Relax Francis
I keep hearing of parents who wish they could stand alone and watch a game without that annoying A hole standing next to him. We all know that person who talks about the coach, the players and how great his kid is. There is a simple solution for you and not have to put up with the nonsense of the glass lickers so you can watch and enjoy the game in peace. Walk into the rink find the live barn camera/microphone and stand right next to it. Nobody wants to be caught talking crap under it so they stand there in complete silence. Your welcome!

Foreign parents are the worst..........especially those disgusting Russians and the Chinese.

They have no problem going in on a 12 year old girl to her face and making her feel horrible.
I’m an American and I do those things. Also know a lot of other Americans who do same stuff. Now where is your point?

Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

I've only seen 1 Russian dad in the rink over the last 4 years, and while he's a screamer, he only yells in Russian and at his own kid, so I don't have a problem with that. I've seen a few Chinese parents around but never heard any of them say a word during the game. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

So the D board admin are just going to allow this xenophobic 💩 to stay up here?

Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

Where is the outrage! Woke Cancel Culture needs to riot, flip some cars, loot a Macey's maybe! Now!

Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

As long as the Chinese aren't munching bats then I will let them make fun of less superior American Girls. They get a pass.

Please no more snacking on exotic animals.


The Xenophobe

Re: Rid yourself of those annoying parents

Went to the Bruins recently. I can tell you for a fact the dad who yells shoot and skate at his son also yells it at the best players in the world.