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Re: From High School board but worth the read

HockeyDude's called being a parent. Help them understand that people are not always going to say nice things about you. What happens when they are 18 and adults?
So HockeyDude, you don't see an issue with this? A 20 year old man in the NHL gets 1 bad thing tweeted about him and the league looses its mind, but these local coaches and adults doing it to young men is totally acceptable. Would you then be ok with one of these kids confronting the adult, standing up for themselves or would that be disrespectful. Interesting.

Re: From High School board but worth the read

And this is how the 'oldest tradition in hockey' (legacy kids to the front of the line!) lives? - "...there was nothing left for bias interpretation, it was all data."

It lives because the 'interpretation' is what keeps these legacy kids moving forward. Is there any other sport where the offspring of top players magically become the second / third and now forth generation to play at the highest levels?

Re: From High School board but worth the read

Take a look at the Toronto Bluejays....although those sons of MLBers are pretty good.