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Re: Crazy coach

My son is a ref & takes it very seriously. After games he will review many of his calls & non-calls on LiveBarn to see if he made the right call. I’ve witnessed & he has told me many stories involving coaches & parents. He accepts all of this as part of the job. He thinks a lot of the problem is the coaches, players & parents lack of knowledge of the rules. Onetime after a call a coach was screaming at him. He skated over to the coach & asked him if he would like him to explain his call. The coach said “No” and then continued to yell at him. On another occasion, a team had 3 players in the box serving minors called at different times. Upon the 3rd penalty being called my son told the 1st penalized penalty not to come out of the box when his penalty is over until there is a whistle. The coach hearing this told his player not to listen to my son & for him to come out of the box when his penalty was over. My son went over to tell him his player can not exit the box until there is a stoppage of play. He tried to explain to the coach why he has to wait. The coach ignored my son and once again told the player to exit the box when his penalty was over. My son told the coach if he leaves the box early they would be called for too many players on the ice. He left the box early and they received a penalty for too many players on the ice causing the coach to go ballistic. This is just 2 of many stories showing coaches, players & parents failure to know & understand the rules.

Re: Crazy coach

why do the programs themselves get by with zero blame as part of the problem with Massachusetts hockey?

You'd have less of a referee shortage if money grabbing programs actually made cuts instead of taking every check that walks in the door at tryouts and sets up a 3rd tier, 4th tier, 5th tier directional program at every level.

The number of games continues to increase as the number of checks do, and the same program that talks about the referee shortage is part of the problem by increasing the number of games each year to make more money.