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Youth Hockey
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Re: Gallant Hockey Academy

hockey used to be more competitive top to bottom round here. now we have absurd # of players in the system...and these local **** holes that want national recognition at 12u. We all suffer. Massachusetts and NE Hockey used to be better when I was a kid. Better development hands down. Trust in your genetics and work ethic not hockey culture.. its absurd.

Think outside the box..take the path less traveled its worth is weight in gold.

Its a leap of faith for most of you
You realize you've become that old man that sits on a porch and yells at the clouds...right? The nice thing about life is you have options. If you feel like the youth hockey systems is that "broken"...don't have your child do it. It's really that simple.

Re: Gallant Hockey Academy

You do realize RG has nothing to do with any Hockey Academy. Sold IHC. Retired as Commissioner of UPSHL over a year ago.
Pathetic thread.