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End The Haters
It’s so pathetic listening to all the whiney haters complaining that RC does what he does for his son and for money.

There is nobody out there that would not do exactly the same if they had the means to do so.

A lot of players have benefited along the way by being involved in his mission to provide the best opportunity possible for his son to advance in a sport in which he is very talented.

Anyone that says they would not do the same is either lying or being ignorant.

So stop the crying and get over it.
As a member of the 1% club I would agree. I blow an embarrassing amount of money on my elite son, and would do exactly what RC has done if I was in the .001% club. Unfortunately money can't buy work ethic or IQ. If it could, my son would be the next Mcdavid. Sadly, the way things are going, he'd be lucky to play in college.


Does RC at least give you a "reach around" for your hard work of shilling?