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E9 07 Split Tournament Bound

I’m a parent of an 08 and just curious, what are most of the T1 tournament bound E9 07 Split players doing this season…also playing high school? Can a split team with freshmen high school players also be 14U tournament bound? Or are only FS teams tournament bound?

Re: E9 07 Split Tournament Bound

It is truly a weird year. I would suggest finding a half-season team because most of the full-season teams are scrambling for players. Our FS team thought we would be fine because we had a bunch of 8th graders. Tryouts came and several of the Freshman made varsity town rosters. The prep and private kids schedules rival an NHL schedule, so we are left trying to grab kids each week and practices are light. This is one of the rare times I wish I had listened to the Dboard.

Re: E9 07 Split Tournament Bound

My kids team started off with 12-6-2 and everyone was ****ed about having so many players. The team is now down to 8-4-1 and other teams are bailing left and right on games for not having enough players.

Re: E9 07 Split Tournament Bound

what team u referring to?

Re: E9 07 Split Tournament Bound

Terriers cancel every weekend or play with 7 guys