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Seems like their niche is for teams who have trouble consistently scheduling games all year?


Anyone have experience with EJEPL? Thinking about a supplemental league. I spoke with them and travel is not that bad if you just play the minimum 16 game schedule which includes two showcase tournaments. Money isn’t too bad either. Curious if anyone has experience in this league?

My team has pla*** in the diamond division the past 2 years. Its great way to add additional games on your schedule against strong tier 2 teams. there are some weaker teams at the bottom of the division usually but overall if you are a good tier 2 team looking for good competition, its a good option. It is a 16 game schedule, you will be given 4 teams to play a home and home with and then the other 8 games are pla*** in showcases at a mutual site, usually in PA.


This is our second year with the EJ playing in the diamond division and the commentary here is spot on. Travel for the showcases is typically near Hershey, PA or outside of Philly with playoffs being single-elimination. We've had to make two trips to LI and we just make a weekend of it...not a big deal.

My only complaint, if you can call it that, is we're playing teams from NY/NJ which we could play as independent games if we were not part of the EJ.