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Re: Don’t Rush

Actually, this sport needs serious adjustment from rink owners, coaches, and USA Hockey. Rink Owners care only about the money. Coaches are addicts. USA Hockey is an insurance company for personal liability. You are absolutely correct the sport needs a readjustment.

Re: Don’t Rush

Of course anyone who makes it far in hockey loves to lie about what they did or how they got there! Hockey parents have become piles of puke.
"For me, I remember when I was six, I would skate eight hours a day," he told CBC News in 1982

Re: Don’t Rush

Love the sentiment but that’s a complete lie. Just look at his elite prospects, he pla*** in the Brick and that’s always included a spring filled with tournaments.
I agree with you.... if your playing in the Brick AND Quebec, thats 10 and 12 year old hockey. Travelling, practicing a TON on the summer and fall. Matty aint tellin ya'll al the truth. Been there done that.

Re: Don’t Rush

Ah yes, but the rules you impose on me are only to be followed by the minions. Not the coaches and their offspring. The front of the line for your type. Do as I say. Not as I do. Got it.