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Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

At least 95% of the youth teams in the northeast have daddy coaches. Its ok. Everyone will be fine.

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

If you do the math the double shifting isn't really enough to get them hgher in the NHL draft!!!!

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

South S**** Sage
There are some teams that are legendary daddy factories that everyone laughs at, some are new and showing real promise.

It’s been a while, let’s hear it.
2012 islanders coach

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

you get a daddy coach or a paid guy that a daddy buys off....pick your poison

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

Or worse, you get a paid coach that doesn't give 2 ****s about kids and only focuses on 3 or 4 each season because all he wants is wins and a resume.

My kids will be staying with the daddy coach that has moderate knowledge of the game and actually gives a **** if the boys get better and have some fun.

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

Oh yeah, they have the screaming fat guy in the crowd too. What a rowdy bunch that crowd is. Loyal fans however to a team that can't win a game in BHL.

Re: Worst Daddy Coach Teams

2010 Boston jr rangers