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Youth Hockey
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Re: Do you see yourself in this post??

Ran across this link today. Reminded me of this message board. Could apply to all of the thread categories but most effective here I think.
All anonymous boards do is allow people to share what they've been thinking all along. Those thoughts were always there, though. The boards didn't create them. People were always getting their kids private lessons for activities - they just didn't talk about it. "The kid just loves to play [hockey/piano/whatever]", they'd say. People always had thoughts about rankings, tryouts, lines, coaches, parents, and clubs. But they only shared those feelings with their inner circle, and those outside the circle could only speculate that those feelings and conversations existed. Now we can see them. I prefer knowing that other people are having these conversations instead of keeping up the Wisteria Lane bull**** and pretending it doesn't exist.