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Re: Bruins - Rask

Kind of sucks when your best goalie is sitting Providence. Do they want to win or do they want to keep a po****r locker room guy around?

This won't end well for someone from the coach on up.
Sway has to be ****ed. He is sitting in the AHL when he proved himself in the NHL. On top of that there are about 6 NHL teams that are desperate for goaltenders right now. Bruins will let him sit and rot the rest of the year in RI when he should be playing for someone right now.

Re: Bruins - Rask

If they don’t go deep in playoffs this year look for a much needed house cleaning.

Awful off season pickups again. DeBrusk still hanging around playing like a pee wee who doesn’t know his position, Coyle wouldn’t have an impact on my men’s league team….

Hall useless without a solid center.

Outside of that, I feel good about their chances.