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Re: How much hockey costs in MA

Yea but we get out all back when they go d1 full ride

Re: How much hockey costs in MA

My kids is FED Elite. He is going pro. Duh! $$$

Re: How much hockey costs in MA

I was asked by a new hockey parent how expensive is hockey……..

Club - 3500
+ Town (alternate) - 1000
Tournaments - 2000
Gas - 2000 (10,000 miles, 18mpg, 3 gal)
Skills - 2000
Equipment- 1000

*Reclass - 42,000

11,500 per year
127,000 by the time it’s over….I have 4 kids


Be happy you live in MA, rather than some other places like Dallas or LA where you need to get on a flight to get a competitive game. The cost for those parents must be triple what we pay in the northeast. Even team fees in the Mid-Atlantic states are between $5500-7000 at the AAA level.

Re: How much hockey costs in MA

A couple things. It gets much more expensive the older they get, unless they are fortunate enough to play tuition free.
The other thing is that its a choice what you do with your money, invest that $11k each year from 8 years old to 18 and you won't have to worry about paying for college.