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Re: Need help

Why am I seeing asterisks in this post and a lot of other posts lately?

Re: Need help

Why am I seeing asterisks in this post and a lot of other posts lately?
Seems like the host of this site installed some sort of filter meant to prevent offensive words from being used. Funny thing is, many of them are from other languages other than English. For example, Y, E, and D, mean something crude in another language, so they get blocked, even when part of a totally legit word like the past tense of the verb "play".

Re: Need help

I think not because of USA hockey number... whats the rule?

Re: Need help

Unless you are an EHF Elite full time you can do anything you want. Development happens in practice and games. Practice with the best coach you can find. As far as games go put your kid on a team that's at a level where he will touch the puck in games and have some success. These third line EHF elite kids chase the puck around in circles and never touch the puck. These kids parents want to say my kid plays at this level and the are screwing their kid over. If your in practices developing and touching the puck and having success in games he will continue to grow and probably pass on bye the chasers!!!