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Re: New to area

1.EHF Elite-Islanders,Top Gun
2.Upper half E9 depends on age group Seacoast, Avalanche, Valley Warriors
1. EHF Platinum- Islanders, Top Gun
2. E9 lower half-depends on age group Seacoast, Avalanche, Valley Warriors, Seacoast, Flames
After that play wherever the hell you want just make sure there are hot moms, Cheap tuition and expect your team to be run by buttermaker!!!!!

Re: New to area

Welcome to the area. My wife and I are always “open” to meeting new couples!

Happy to have you over to talk about the New England swinging, I mean hockey scene…

Re: New to area

I do realize if this board is anything like ours in Chicago that this post will go seven ways to Sunday off the rails but thought I would try.

Stick with that thought.

Many on here fight about who’s better in Mass. EHL. BHL. E9 this or that
Most fighting about what matters to them.

There is also USPHL

Just go watch games/practices (some are blocked)on Live Barn and visit in person when you get here.

They all charge money, and all act the same.

Go to the different league sites vs MHR and see the different standings

All vary because of rebuild from Covid but the consistent organizations will show.

If you like your coaches where you are, also ask them. They should know as well.

Don’t go by websites. Go visit them and watch practices. Watch games.