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Re: 2011 Brick Team

Jack Edwards
Absolute Wagon. Going to do damage in Edmonton. Best birth year in a long time.
LOL I'll bet the barn that the only damage the JB brick team does is to the parents bank accounts. Well known for taking "thank you" cards. You won't see any Corolla's at their practices just AMG's and Rovers

Re: 2011 Brick Team

Isn’t it the 2012 brick yr?

Re: 2011 Brick Team

They actually generally pick the best players. There are not any Corollas there (unfortunately) based on hockey as a sport rather than the Jr. Bruins in particular. And I agree, the team won't do anything...they'll go.500....there are so many good players out there. But anyways...the forward on the MMF and the D on the BJT are amazing players, and hopefully we'll keep watching them as they progress, but everyone needs to take a breath and relax. Hopefully your kid can play high school hockey. That's my goal for my son.

Re: 2011 Brick Team

Definitely full of studs that age group is loaded, but the genius coach left off the best defensive defenseman in the ehf.