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Re: E9 parity scores

More parity games are absolutely necessary and I would recommend a month long parity tournament in June or July. Need to reinforce a win at all cost mentality before these kids hit puberty! Remember if you ain't just ain't trying.

Re: E9 parity scores

What were these last 2 weeks about? Did we make it into the E9? What were we playing for? To get into E9 Prep division? Did our kid’s baseball and lacrosse teams lose because we weren’t there? Will 14 14U teams be in the E9? What will the E9 look like after split season? Did we just play 6-7 games in the Spring to figure out how 10 games will be played next Fall? Did we figure out anything? What were the scores of our kid’s baseball and lacrosse games? Is my lawn overgrown now?