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Re: Am I going overboard?

My 11 year old is playing for a couple teams this summer and will play in at least 25 games. In the fall we are having him skate with one team full time and two others part time. Hoping to get around 65 games in. Im shooting for 100 or more games over the next year so Ill probably have him fill in with other teams. Some say too much but I cant get enough of this hockey stuff. Yes, we play other sports too so dont even try to comment on that.
If you have to ask then you're already aware that you probably are. By the time your son is 16 he will have some level of underlying hate for you if he doesn't already.. Good luck champ.

Re: Am I going overboard?

This was a funny read. But it's funny because it's awfully close to truth nowadays. Anyone bombarding their kids with multiple club teams in the winter plus tournament teams all summer long are destined to create the hockey version of Uncle Rico.