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Re: 2012 Upper Gold Islanders Crying

Moe Green
BHL American!? Why not just play town at that point , it is the same thing
Please BHL American and upper gold and national are so much better than regular bad town teams they would kill town teams
South Shore Conf A Herman is as good as top of upper gold bottom of platinum. Agree save your money and play town! Most “club” teams would never take a game vs them though. It’s bad for the brand.

Re: 2012 Upper Gold Islanders Crying

My son’s Fed team played the Dynamos in tourney last year. It is SSC all star team right? Game was not competitive. I think 14-1 or something. Anything below Fed Platinum is bender hockey and most kids won’t make their Public HS varsity team unless they have a no cur rule for Seniors. All of these Fed and E9 kids will peak at Public Hs hockey which is pretty terrible relative to Prep and top Catholic schools. End of the day 95% will be done at 18 and playing beer league regardless.

Re: 2012 Upper Gold Islanders Crying

Milton Braintree Hanover Hingham etc town A teams are more the teams I’m talking about. Granted most of the kids play EHF/E9/BHL as their primary teams but to make the blanket statement that town hockey is all bad isn’t fair. I can cite many examples of mid level ssc teams beating platinum level teams if we are using your logic. I do agree with your assessment of HS.