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Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Spring and Summer tournaments are all about the parents posting on social media that they were at the rink. Makes their kid look good. I mean, if the kid is at the "Elite Showcase Showdown" he must be really good right? And how about some of the spring and summer coaches? "Guys you need to work harder" or "Guys you are playing really good". Thats the development you will get at a premium price!

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Gandalph's taint
I see a lot of people kind of dismissing tournaments that take places in the spring/summer, why is this? I\\\'m kind of surprised because it seems like hockey has become a year round sport if the kid is into it. I\\\'ve seen kids take the summer off and they are behind the kids who didn\\\'t when fall rolls around. I can understand spring/summer shouldn\\\'t be as intense as hockey season and of course take that family vacation...but I\\\'m just surprised by all the oh, it\\\'s just a spring/summer tournament comments. Do you think people don\\\'t want to win these tournaments?

Many kids do play other sports in the spring but hockey is the #1 sport for them. They will go to the hockey game over the soccer/baseball/lacrosse game.
Hockey is already the longest season of any sport. The kids have a blast at summer tournaments because they are fun. No one drags their kid kicking and screaming to them. That said, take your kid's team to a hotel with a pool and tell them they can't swim and see how much they love hockey. They love fun.

I have a combined 12 years' experience with youth hockey and some old sayings have come true. The best mites really are not the best bantams. Ok, there are exceptions, but I was amazed at how many talented kids are dropping from the game at this level. Some because they don't know how to play the game anymore since they can't just outskate everyone. Others are quitting over the physical side of the game and the beating they take. At this level, the practices become a meat grinder. Other kids have simply had enough and want to do something else.

The summer tournament is fun, but it takes them away from the things that they are realizing that they missed out on during the first 5 summers of hockey. At this age the other gender becomes a distraction, and sometimes just hanging out on the couch with their friends is what they want. Letting them have time away from the game makes the return to the rink something to look forward to, and not just the next step.

Like all things there is no blanket answer. If your kid is having fun and so are you, great. However, no one else cares, and when they come to the dboard and complain about things they invite the criticism.

Summer tournaments have two teams. Those that are constructed by hand and practice together and win, and those that have open tryouts with limited or no practices and no shot at winning anything. They are both money grabs, but this is youth hockey, so that is par for the course.

The ride is short, enjoy it.
Summer tourneys are fun! Chance to bond with new families and see what they think of the program they skate with in the fall. A few parents from one of my son's summer teams actually got together for "a couple" drinks" this past weekend and that's what hockey is all about. I do disagree about summer tournaments being "money grabs". I mean, the exposure to the elite coaches who probably know college and prep school coaches is priceless. More tournaments the better :)

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

This thread is crazy :grinning: Just let the kids play as much as possible. Like another friendly poster mentioned, life is short. Just have a great time people.

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

"Mesi" loves himself a tailgate

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

If the kids love doing it let him/her do it as long as the family can afford it. There are worse things a kid can be doing with their time than having fun playing the game they love, being with teammates they like, improving their hockey skills, and getting exercise doing it. If the parent is pushing the kid to do it and the kids doesn’t want to do it then you should reconsider. All of this nonsense about specialization at an early age is a lie. The better they become now the more propensity they will have to excel later because they are building muscle memory. It’s the same with other activities such a music and academics. Connor McDavid is a perfect example of highly specialized athlete who only played hockey since he was very young. He openly admits that he is terrible at all other sports and just played hockey all the time and rollerbladed everywhere he went. He is now the most advanced hockey player ever. Obviously he is an outlier and most kids will not even play NCAA but it just shows what can be achieved by someone who specializes in a certain sport or other activity.

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Jesus Christ. There are no Conor mcdavids floating around in these spring/summer tourneys. Someone nailed it earlier these tourneys are a chance for the parents to puff their chest out and act like their kids going to be the next mcdavid. They’re all going to get a rude awakening in a few years.

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Sorry your kids got cut