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Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

If the kids love doing it let him/her do it as long as the family can afford it. There are worse things a kid can be doing with their time than having fun playing the game they love, being with teammates they like, improving their hockey skills, and getting exercise doing it. If the parent is pushing the kid to do it and the kids doesn’t want to do it then you should reconsider. All of this nonsense about specialization at an early age is a lie. The better they become now the more propensity they will have to excel later because they are building muscle memory. It’s the same with other activities such a music and academics. Connor McDavid is a perfect example of highly specialized athlete who only played hockey since he was very young. He openly admits that he is terrible at all other sports and just played hockey all the time and rollerbladed everywhere he went. He is now the most advanced hockey player ever. Obviously he is an outlier and most kids will not even play NCAA but it just shows what can be achieved by someone who specializes in a certain sport or other activity.

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Jesus Christ. There are no Conor mcdavids floating around in these spring/summer tourneys. Someone nailed it earlier these tourneys are a chance for the parents to puff their chest out and act like their kids going to be the next mcdavid. They’re all going to get a rude awakening in a few years.

Re: Downplaying spring/summer tournaments

Sorry your kids got cut