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Youth Hockey
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Re: 2012 wolves!!!

All E9 kids. Mix of Americans, Advantage, wizards and Railers.
More Terriers platinum Kids than any other team.

Re: 2012 wolves!!!

Winter is coming

Re: 2012 wolves!!!

‘12 Wolves takin down the K Cup. No competition for this group. How’d the Brick team do??
I get being happy for your kid's team winning and being proud of how they played. Will be a great memory for him/her. But taunting about winning the K cup? Really? This is not good hockey.

Re: 2012 wolves!!!

The 2015 jrb’s national elite would have won the 12 division at the k Kup.

Re: 2012 wolves!!!

There are 2 wolves inside you. 1 is gay.

Re: 2012 wolves!!!

There are 2 wolves inside you. 1 is gay.
Could be on to something. Last summer, I was told this by a bear down in Ptown that everyone is half gay.