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2011 BHL

Anyone know what’s going on ? I don’t care that it’s June our team hasn’t even been placed yet. Why did we even have parity?

Re: 2011 BHL

Short answer…to generate revenue for hockey rinks during times of low occupancy!

Re: 2011 BHL

Who made American and who National?

Re: 2011 BHL

Probably depends on how many teams they want in each division. But I’ll take a guess for fun.

Casco Bay
Patriots Select
Advantage Select
Winter Club Select

Jr Rangers
Railers Select

Re: 2011 BHL

Seahawks? Didn’t they get blasted last year in American?

Re: 2011 BHL

They didn’t do well, but they will do better against the teams that will be in the American this coming season. The most dominant team from last season was BA selects who mostly moved to Winter Club that qualified for the E9.

Who else would be in over them?

Re: 2011 BHL

That winter club team beat the Seahawks by 18 in parity