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Re: Skates

You sir, are a tool. You need to buy yourself some skates as you probably never played the game before. FED/E9 makes no difference in a couple years. You will see. Now get back in your Subaru and drive away.
Vapies for E9, Supies for EHF.
Vapies? Supies? stop trying to act like you know the lingo of the hockey players! They don't call the skates that. Idiot!
How do ya like me now?

Re: Skates

Second Cookes Skate in Wilmington.

Re: Skates

Put 2 boys through top youth and juniors and neither ever got new skates until they were in juniors. Find a place with perfectly fine newer used skates that some rich kid just got rid of. Just like cars, saves a ton of $.

Re: Skates

This is the best idea on this thread. Any recs on places to go?