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Youth Hockey
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Re: Merger looming?

If it's below platinum, and I am being generous allowing platinum then your kid is borderline allowed to call himself an athlete. Gold is like being in a chess club and the Ritalin and adderal flowing is a plenty. That where you find the "defected" kids with behavior problems.

E9 stinks overall but let's be realistic. Top teams are beating or in the game with top fed teams.

Re: Merger looming?

Truth to the rumor about Fed and the AY coming together?
So, If this is true it would be amazing! I'm picturing weekends of playing teams like 3-4 times so we could limit travel. You know, like go to Philly and stay all day Saturday for 2 games and wake up extra early Sunday and squeeze in 1 more before heading back (As long as were back by 6pm to get to skills hehe:)

Re: Merger looming?

take the bottom half of the BHL National League and PHC Gold (upper or lower, don't think it really makes a difference) and merge with the SNEHC. boost numbers and competition. 3-4 years that league could be fun...