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Re: EHF / E9 Could merge U14...

What exactly does this mean for an E9 team?

Re: EHF / E9 Could merge U14...

Get ready for the worst year of youth hockey.
Don't be so dramatic. Its not that bad unless your program isn't up front with you with how the year will go.

It's a year of transformation away from youth hockey and move to high school hockey or to full season.

Better teams play an independent schedule. RR, CCW, etc. Last year the RR only played 6 league games.

Re: EHF / E9 Could merge U14...

Dont sweat the small stuff. If your bender is still in the E9 or Fed and not on one of the better U14 clubs, trust me, no merger is going to help. So go with the flow and let the kid get ready for making the varsity in a couple of years. If you got the bucks, send him to prep to keep the bench warm until the elite players start rolling in as upper classmen.