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Youth Hockey
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Re: No More Rankings

Were are talking about squirts right? You are delusional if you are worried about finding like opponents outside of 495, outside of your fed schedule.
Exactly, its laughable that squirt coaches take it this serious. Its about time they did away with that for squirts. PeeWees is even a stretch. Yes my kid played elite on a middle of pack team and thank god his coach wasn't wrapped up in a MHR ranking board when he was 10.

He's playing in HS now, half his "elite" teammates don't even play hockey anymore. Those were the same ones who played all summer and drove 5 hours to play whatever sh*t team and tourney was going on.

MHR is good if your playing in a tourney against teams you dont know, cause no one wants to win or lose by 20 goals but these clowns who check it every week to see if the Islanders moved past the Flames at squirt hockey are the ones who ruin youth hockey.