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Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

What these kids need is 10-15 tournaments over the summer. Need to playing way more games. The 60-70 they play during the season just isn’t cutting it.
I’ve read that 9-10 year olds need around 85 games a year to stay good

Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

Saw a few replays and it became obvious there’s just not enough to compete. They need more consistent offense, defense, speed and coaching. A pint-sized goalie that plays deep in the blue and on their knees didn’t help.
Really strong observation buddy. You think they really need more consistent offense and defense? Holy ****. That’s wild. More consistent speed too? Wow. Way to dig deep you Water Cow

Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

The cjr kids move the puck quicker and are very disciplined. They all move without the puck and are communicating. Most of them play together all year . The gap will close as the boston kids learn the game a little more. The cjr parents have the an endless supply of money to make their kids better as well.

Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

If you play for a CJR Brick Series team, you get 2 practices a week all April, May and June. If you play for BJB, CM gives you a cool photo shoot for your Instagram.

Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

Here’s the good news for the 12s the brick is over . People can now get back to skills and having fun . I can’t wait to see what happens during the regular season now that they have established dominance of their age group in the EHF and E9 .

Re: Anyone watch the Brick games?

Good thing those creamsicles weren’t allowed in Edmonton.