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Re: Daddy Coaches

Dads who coach and daddy coaches are two very different things. There are dads who have a hockey background (beyond HS) and coached before they had kids. And then there are the daddy coaches. They coach because their little bender will cry without daddy and be a typical coach’s kid behavior problem. I’ve had 3 boys go thru the club bologna. I’ve seen both type of coaches.
Beyond hs? Like playing low level juniors and hoping to play D3? Plenty of very good high school players hang them up when the time comes, and I know a few that are very good coaches. I also know a few clowns that played in College and are every bit as bad as the typical Daddy coach, but with more of a condescending attitude.

Re: Daddy Coaches

Dad coaches are a part of every sport. Had a dope who never played a sport and was a stoner in high school coaching a kids baseball team. Had everybody in town fooled the he was a baseball guy.

Re: Daddy Coaches

We totally thought it would be a fun ride and our kid would progress much faster than he has... suppose if i was an owner or director or gave more money, my kid would see more ice time...too late to back out now, they own me at this point. guess thats my with the devil and you're bound to get burnt.

Re: Daddy Coaches

tell junior to pay attention and work harder...that's how he'll get results