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Re: The Hockey Academy Model -

This take shows just how removed from reality you really are. Its D1 or bust, right? D3 is a step away from club? As another commenter said which D1 program is your kid skating for? Maybe your daughter isn't there yet, but once the recruiting process begins you start to realize all D1 programs aren't created equal. Is it still glamourous if the program is under funded, there is only one paid coach and the rink is off campus? There are D3 and ACHA teams that have facilities that rival D1 schools and run their programs like a top D1 schools - shouldn't even bother with those because they don't have the vaunted D1 next to their names? Almost all of these players will move on and make a living having nothing to do with the sport of hockey, maybe the fit of the school(including the cost) and the quality of the experience are what should be paramount for the player, but nah, it's D1 or bust.

Re: The Hockey Academy Model -

not all academy hockey is the same. I'd suggest looking at full season prep model instead.

Re: The Hockey Academy Model -

If you're playing hockey to be able to say you played D1 you're a moron. D1 has athletic scholarships to play hockey. If your good enough, and you have played at the highest levels since you were eight, you may have a chance at some of this. D2 only a few schools offer money, D3 no athletic scholarships, the money and admission come from your GPA. Deciding were your kid goes around high school age come with many variables. How good are they? your financials, there GPA, preps, academy's, staying in high school and do a PG year? There's no right or wrong path, everyone has to take this apart and find a place that fits all the puzzles pieces. Biggest piece of advice I can give you. Be realistic were this may end, allow your kid to have a voice. Been there and done that. Hope it helps

Re: The Hockey Academy Model -

Who are these Division 2 schools offering money? There are only 7 Division 2 hockey hockey schools in the country, period. It’s fine to get youth hockey advice on this Board, but if your kid is good enough to play college hockey, which you won’t know until he is in high school, you really shouldn’t be looking here. As far as the academy model, focus on whether it’s an actual school (in person) or just virtual. You can’t lump Shattuck (or Mount) in with this new Lovell Academy.