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Youth Hockey
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Re: Practice Schedule

Why don't you research that on your own and come to your own conclusion? Lots of references that say kids should take extended breaks from certain sports to go play other ones. Your kid should be an athlete, not just a hockey player. As the parent it is your responsibility to moderate. Free country, do as you wish.

Re: Practice Schedule

Please let me know the orgs that have given or not given practice schedules out
Schedule ?


You guys are pathetic. We are already practicing.

Find a new organization.
Nice buddy. Nothing like the 8 month hockey season. Get a life.
What is wrong with playing hockey throughout the majority of the year ? If that's what kids want to do why stop them ? It's better than sitting there on an iPad, being a gamer or doing some other non productive task. My kid plays hockey pretty much all year and I think it's great. He wants to do it. Why is this a problem ? He may need a hip replacement someday but better than a lot of other problems people face today.
Minnesota laughs at the northeast for playing as much hockey as we do, but what do they know.

Re: Practice Schedule

IHC - no practice schedule yet

Re: Practice Schedule

This is pathetic. Hockey orgs act like they are the center of the universe. How the hell are we supposed to plan other activities for the rest of the family and for the kid who happens to be on ‘elite’ hockey team? I want my kid to do more than just hockey - foreign languages, math, science, all of it as extracurricular activities. Gonna move him from freaking ihc to a town team next year. He is not going to nhl, just like 99.9999% of other kids in Mass, he needs to focus on education, not on spending time with morons who can’t string two good sentences together at the age of 10.