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Re: 2011 Eagles

Problems @ the factory
I thought the Eagles 11 were loaded they just picked up the best goalie in the EHF from the islanders what happened? 1 win and 3 losses are unacceptable for a powerhouse caliber team
Get a clue. Played 3 wagons (21-22 Rank 3, 6, 13) and 2 other teams that are no joke. If you were watching those games compared to last year you might know for a fact that the team is much improved and made a bunch of good roster decisions over the off season.
You play 1, 4, 7, 10 and 11 from last year in league play. Eagles will be fine. Will take some time to gel and find offense. Predict a similar showing at last year 6th or 7th in Fed. Top 30 nationally. Biggest take away from the JGG was much weaker Roco and Caesars teams than last year and some much improved non new England teams such as Avs, Grizzlies and Jr Stars. Would have been nice to have the Chicago and Wisconsin teams there as well as MFF, SSK and BA in lieu of some of the weaker local NY teams.

Re: 2011 Eagles

Careful there with using last year's rankings. They got crushed by Dallas. Lost to a much worse than last year RoCo team by 4. Shutout by a much better than last year NJ Avs team. Lost to Caesars missing two top players. Jr Eagles have the makings of a team ranked in the 35-40 range.

Re: 2011 Eagles

How many Budweisers did that slob throw back out there? You know 0-6 doesn’t bother him.