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Re: Fed 2010s

RG Exemption
Andy Moog
Looking at what each team did in their preseason matches, I would take islanders over eagles for the final q spot. Eagles seemed to have struggled against against light weight competition, while the islander absolutely held there own against the heavy weights.
I don’t think IHC counts as they have an autobid. The 09s went last year and embarrassed themselves.
Islanders 09 ran into a buzz saw up in Quebec. Czech Knights in first round and then the Montreal team in the losers bracket who were ****ed they lost their first game and took it out on them. I watched both from the stands, and the Islanders could compete with half or more of the teams there, but those two teams they played were a cut above the rest in the entire tournament.

Re: Fed 2010s

If islanders are in top 2 for Q standings, does the third place team go.?

Re: Fed 2010s

What about Platinum 2010 predictions
No one cares about platinum
Nobody cares about 2010's