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Re: How much ice time is appropriate?

11 almost 12 year old player. Trying to see what others think as his full-time team coach had some questionable things to say to me last night.

Practices 60 minutes two days a week with full time team.
Private 50 minute skill session one day a week.
Practices 75 minutes one day a week with alternate team.
Plays in 2-4 games per weekend depending on the schedule.
He should lift weights and run every day too

If you need to come here to ask if it's too much ice time, it most likely is
I disagree that it's too much if he's happy doing it. At that age, daughter's cohort of figure skaters got 10-12 hours of ice time per week plus 2-5 hours of off ice training, most of it before school. Overall this was a positive. All the kids that trained this much with her early in the mornings were self driven by that point and parents were just taxiing and writing checks.

Re: How much ice time is appropriate?

If he's not in the driveway stickhandling and shooting without being prompted then he's on the ice too much.