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Re: winning every game or losing every game?

Yeah I've been on the other side too where my kids team had to play up a year because they were killing the teams of the same birth year. Parents also complained about there being no competition. I'd prefer being on a team that was winning but the leagues need to do a better job sometimes of making sure there is competition and that other teams aren't getting destroyed

Re: winning every game or losing every game?

There is nothing wrong with losing games.

It’s only bad when losing becomes the acceptable norm. Once losing doesn’t sting anymore the competitive nature dwindles.

Kids become accustomed to losing playing on teams that can’t win.

I have been through parents telling me that their kid is getting 50 shots a game so he is going to get better. Kid ended up being so comfortable giving up goals and losing he didn’t care anymore.

Or. Parents telling me that there kid is playing against the best kids and that is how they will get better. Kid ended up not knowing what to do with the puck after years of not touching it in game situations.

Re: winning every game or losing every game?

There's nothing wrong with losing games but if you're losing every game and are on one of the worst teams in the league and don't see things getting better, it could be time to find a different team.

At the younger ages (any age actually) losing lots of games can be demoralizing and the kids could lose interest. Why would an 8 or 9 year old want to keep losing? It can be hard enough to keep kids interest in something at all at these ages. Hockey takes up a lot of time and money. You want it to be worth it for everyone.