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Re: If you don’t post it on social media it didn’t happen

Why do you care what other people are doing? It probably wouldn’t bother you if your kid didn’t get cut from that team or was good enough to play on it. Don’t be a Karen!
why do people always ask this? Maybe because when people log in on social media they get tired of seeing people bragging about their kids?

It's called using the unfollow or unfriend button. Or if you're that tired of it stop going on social media. You're not going to change those type people. All you can do is change your behavior if it bothers you that much.
I agree. Social media in general can be irritating and is mostly filled with people bragging about anything from vacations to new homes to kids sports. The worst is parents who manage accounts for their 8 year old hockey players now. Whole other level.

It's just not my personality to brag about anything especially because there are so many people on my friend list who I haven't seen in 10-15 years.

I also think posting pics of kids can bring people together again. I have a lot of friends who have kids playing hockey and it's something to talk about it.

Re: If you don’t post it on social media it didn’t happen

Another win! Another goal for Mikey! Hockey all day! Hard work lead to 3 goals this weekend!
I agree. We need more posts about apple picking, beach days, birthday parties, politics. Sharing your kids highlights is played out. The memories we should be saving on social media, need not be achievements or milestones, instead we should celebrate the mundane everyday nonsense. Goals, wins and achievements only breed jealousy.

Re: If you don’t post it on social media it didn’t happen

Some people don't feel the need to post anything on social media. Those are my people.

Social media has become stupid.

Re: If you don’t post it on social media it didn’t happen

Me and my kid enjoy pulling up the old highlights every once in a while. Grandparents love seeing them too. It's the easiest way I've found to catalog some of the best childhood memories... considering I break a phone every 6-8 months and don't back anything up on the cloud.