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Re: Serious 14U Question

Definitely reach out ahead of time. Even February would be too late, for the most part.

Re: Serious 14U Question

It really depends on the team and year and so many variables. For example, when my son was U14 he did end up getting a spot on a national-bound team even though I didn't reach out until Feb. But it turned out it was just luck since a few kids left together to go to a team that was more local for them (they were all from the same town). Unfortunately there is always a mad dash scramble when switching teams. Total bummer and an annoying energy suck with having to run around and glad-hand and my least favorite thing about club hockey in Mass. But I do agree in general that reaching out earlier is always better if you know you want to make a switch.

Re: Serious 14U Question

Higher end teams have it mostly worked out by Christmas. Always room for a good player tho