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Re: 2010 "Elite" Breakers

And to your point if you think BA is better than BSB because they win more games playing lesser competition knows nothing about hockey either.. I don’t know why people lump every team and coach in with the organization they play for . Every level and age is different. Stay with the good coach and play with the kids your kid gets along with. It is very simple. Don’t chase wins. Organizations do not develop kids. Coaches do. BA has a very good 2011 and I hear the younger teams are good. It is because the coaches are good. . It is not because BA is doing something as an organization that everyone else doesn’t do.
If they have good coaching then I'd say that is what they are doing better than other teams. No one wants to send their kids to a coach with no passion or energy.

I think you're wrong in that orgs don't ever develop good players...but in the end it comes down to talent and sometimes I think parents are missing that piece. You can't create a good hockey player no matter how much you pay or play. Not everyone is going to be skilled at hockey...just like some people aren't skilled at math.

Re: 2010 "Elite" Breakers

Those Breaker kids are still playing against the best talent around, I think I'd rather have my kid play first or second line for them then get minimal playing time on one of the top teams.
The bSB parents are such nice people though