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Youth Hockey
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Re: Alternates

Issues with Alternates seem to come from two places.

Internally - Parents that don't like when alternate Alex bumps full time Timmy off the 2nd line.

Externally - When proud organizations that have parents with high expectations lose a game they should have won, because a stud alternate showed up. Or, when a team is bringing in imports, and listeing them as full time players. While they live and play 200 miles away monday-friday.

Where I come from programs require coaches to sign a certain number of kids. 2 Alternates = 1 full time player. Let that sink in. One, sometimes two alternates, at practice are essentially paying the freight for a kid that would otherwise be at every practice and game. Alternates usually make half the practices and can only play 10 e9 games. And 15 ehf games. No playoffs for alternates in either league. Usually those 2 alternates would both be better than last pick Luke.

If you are the proud parent of a 9 year old, who's incredible team loses in a nail-biter because alternate Alex or jet set Johnny got a hat trick, I'm sorry. But please put it all into perspective. It's youth hockey. We should want our kids having fun, while playing with and against great competition.