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Re: Question about college

OP here…I meant guys that choose to play in minor league hockey and lose their eligibility for college. Not disparaging that choice. College shouldn’t be a prerequisite for a successful life.

Re: Question about college

How many players per birth year in Mass play in college? How many play division 1 vs division 3? How many more that could play college decide to play lousy minor league hockey?
Depends on the BY but not nearly as many as you think. Not sure about d3 but at the d1 level there might be 20-25 per age group maybe. I think last year there were around 100 d1 players from mass total, so that's about 25 per class

Re: Question about college

There are more than 4 birth years playing college hoxkey. Probably more like 6 birth years. I think it’s probably 15 a year at D1. Probably 25 combined at d2 and d3.