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Re: High hopes

I never had such high hopes for a season before. I was never so confident in any team. Never have high hopes. Never be confident. Don’t be like me. Oh well. There’s always next year!
Most parents will hold onto those high hopes for years. Just hoping that calls come for that top elite team. Then that high end summer tourney team. Then that prep coach comes calling. Then maybe just maybe they start to get recognized and drafted into a junior league. And then just maybe they can work their way up from T3 junior. And then just maybe they will crack a college roster.

Those high hopes parents carry for years usually end in the reality of holding back tears during the senior year of high school realizing that they will never play again and the embarrassment of those years of hopes and yelling and spending and how Willy your were to think your kid may be the one instead of just enjoying it.

The sooner you accept the reality. The happier you will be.

Stop focusing on teams and record and lows and enjoy your kid.
There's no reason to ever be embarrassed about being hopeful. Yeah it comes to an end earlier than expected for 99.9999% but hoping for the best along the way is the only way to go.
High hopes coupled with modest expectations seem to be the best recipe. I've ridden the roller coaster and wish I could start over. Time flies

Re: High hopes

I thought the OP was talking about the Patriots.