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Youth Hockey
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What is the best league / teams around for the U13 / U14 boys age level in Massachusetts? Is it still the FED / E9 or is the Beast league better competition?

Re: U13/14

old news... move on... if you really need the answer, look back at past threads for the past, umm... 5 years

Re: U13/14

What is the beast league

Re: U13/14

If you are still thinking about leagues at this age your kid isn’t on a top team. It doesn’t matter which league he plays, he will play teams at similar level.

Re: U13/14

if you REALLY want to know where the talent is and somehow you haven't figured it out yet, hop a plane and head down to Nashville. watch the teams that are all the teams playing in the tournament, come out and have a couple drinks with us at the pub (we all know where that is) take good notes, fly home and do the total opposite of what you just saw.