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Re: Need a new team

I told my kid he played great after the team got beat by 6 goals. He started crying and I couldn’t get him to calm down. His team didn’t play good. Lots of mistakes. A bunch of kids looked they forgot to take their medication if you know what I mean. I don’t want his squirt major season to be like this but it is starting to go like this a lot. Honestly, he’s the only bright spot on the team and that’s not good for a goalie. The coach keeps yelling at him to work harder in practice but last thing he should be worried about is my son.
If your kid didn’t see 70 shots more than your total GA, he didn’t have a great game. (That’s shots on goal, would have scored if he didn’t save. I know how goalie parents like to count every foul ball their kids reaches for)

Your teams bright spot has a job to do also. So tell him to clean up his facial leaking and get to work.