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Re: 2014 Jr. Bruins

Are you really talking about 2014’s?
My son has been the EHF since he was 8
As you move up in years it’s a whole different game. The kid who was a stud in mites is no longer the same on Bantams. That’s when the real hitting starts. It can be pretty reckless at times.
Chill out and enjoy the ride. It can be fun if you embrace it.
Who cares ?

Re: 2014 Jr. Bruins

Ok y'all so if your 2014 is good now be prepared for them to stink as years go on. And the best players end up being the ones who hit and can take a hit. Well hell I'm canceling skills and I better start beatin my kid so he knows how to take a hit like a real man.

Good luck tomorrow!

Re: 2014 Jr. Bruins

If you’re just starting to beat your kid, you’re way behind.
I bet the mom situation is going to be fire today at the NESC though.

Re: 2014 Jr. Bruins

2014s is diaper and checkbook hockey.

Re: 2014 Jr. Bruins

Those 2016s though - wow!