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Re: Parents, Coaches, Bad Kids O MY

Dad today talking about how the level play was making his kids progress decline. His kid skates year round but is a normal BHL player. Typical macho dad who thinks his kid is better than he is. Everyone starting to hate him. Fight next week.

Re: Parents, Coaches, Bad Kids O MY

Imagine making a kid skate all yr round just to make the BHL???

Re: Parents, Coaches, Bad Kids O MY

I feel much better about my child's team now! Thank you!

Re: Parents, Coaches, Bad Kids O MY

Last 8 days-

Daddy confronts coach about kids position and coach tells daddy to talk to him while sober - Turns into a big argument. Mom of the year tells a not so good Mom to stay away from her during games - Turns into a vicious TeamSnap fight. Coach yells all practice at 4 kids who don’t pay attention - Org tells coach to settle down leading to another TeamSnap argument. Team stays in hotel - Assistant coach and King Dad get into heated debate over PK strategy - Assistant coach tells King Dad to get on the ice and coach. Two rich parents tell another average parent that the head coach isn’t bringing back their kid next season - HUGE argument followed by the head coach quitting. A practice where the assistant coach leaves to take a work call - Yoga pants mom tries going on ice to run a drill and another argument follows. Skinny Jeans dad doesn’t like his kids practice - Yells at assistant coach to push him harder.
Did the yoga pants at least look hot?